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The washing machine is mainly composed of an ultrasonic generator, transducer, cleaning tank, storage tank, high preheating tank, circulation and filtration system, throwing system, automatic temperature control heating system, feeding and discharging device, mechanical hand, a frame, a sealing cover, control panel and control system etc..


The cleaning machine is an automatic cleaning device, the cleaning process is controlled by PLC, 4 made of stainless steel material, are used as a device can work continuously cleaning process (water inlet configuration water conductivity detector, in order to monitor the water resistance change). The operator with the workpiece cleaning basket will be placed in the automatic feeding platform, multi arm manipulator will wash basket successively sent to each ultrasonic cleaning process, a series of cleaning of the workpiece, the workpiece automatically cleaned to the outlet, the operator at the exit of the workpiece unload. The whole device is a closed structure, with a transparent observation window, active maintenance door (window of the device adopts 8mm organic glass plate).


The cleaning tank for independent type sawtooth four overflow structure.


Zigzag structure for effective change of liquid surface tension, improve the overflow effect more obvious.


The glass surface of the oil, glass cutting, polishing powder and other impurities, by ultrasonic immersion cleaning, can greatly damage which is attached to the glass adhesion, ultrasonic wave as input type vibrating plate, conducive to the maintenance and cleaning tank, vibration form of bottom earthquake type.


The tank is arranged in the liquid outlet valve body, with black cotton insulation.


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